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Online Career Counselor: Pros and Cons

career counseling

Now that you’ve learned about online career counselor, it’s time to know all the pros and cons surrounding them.

Pros of An Online Career Counselor

Here are some pros of an online career counselor:

  1. They are not as complicated as the offline ones.
  2. The assessment is less time-consuming.
  3. Online assessment can collect data faster.
  4. You will be assessed and get the result quicker.
  5. Online career counseling is less expensive than offline.
  6. Online career counseling is faster in terms of accessibility and convenience.
  7. Test results from the assessment can be saved with minimal effort.
  8. It’s not as risky as offline, where the test result is usually kept in an email address.
  9. The online career counselor can highlight the need for counseling assistance.
  10. Can indicate the need for immediate intervention.
  11. Both counselors and you can identify alternative pathways, even a change of subject choices.
  12. You will experience enhancement in the knowledge of options.
  13. You will learn more about self-knowledge and decision-making.

Cons of Online Career Counselor

Although online career counselors have many advantages, they also have some disadvantages or cons. What are they? Read below for your answers.

  1. Online assessment is riskier regarding confidentiality and security.
  2. Your personal information along with the result is riskier of being hacked or digital theft.
  3. If there is a breach in security, usually it will degrade the trust between you and the counselor.
  4. Online tests and assessments can be copied and administered by an unqualified person or organization.
  5. You could become overly dependent on career assessment tools.
  6. There are sites that offer limited validity, and confidentiality without providing enough info about the developer.
  7. The assessor is not qualified to read the test’s result.
  8. The low career readiness’ client will experience difficulty, before, during, and even after the assessment.
  9. Clients could feel anxious and stressed.
  10. Not all online tests provide personalized interpretive feedback.
  11. Some tests only give minimal interpretation like a percentage value or a score.
  12. You could be not suitable for the recommended occupations.
  13. You could be stressed out after doing the recommended job.
  14. The online career counselor might not want to be responsible for the results they offered.

That’s all there is to it, all of the pros and cons of an online career counselor. There will always be advantages and disadvantages in all aspects, you just have to be aware and more careful if you decide to find help from an online career counselor. Learn all the pros and cons, then carefully choose which one suits you more.