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5 Advantages of Advertising Job Vacancy on a Job Vacancy Website

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In this digital age, the use of a job portal to post a job vacancy has become increasingly popular. As a result, companies have almost abandoned the process of posting job vacancies on printed media. So, here are some advantages of posting a job vacancy on a job vacancy website.

  • Wider audience 

The paperless and cloud-based system eases job seekers from various geography and demography to access job advertisements. In addition, online job portals can also ease the process of submitting an application. This also means that your chances of getting the best candidate are also greater.

  • Unlimited flexibility

Printed job advertisements take up a lot of space in a newspaper column. In addition, they can only be accessed physically. On the other hand, the utilization of cloud computing and cloud storage means that you’ll have unlimited space and storage for your job advertisement. In addition, you can access all data as long as you have an internet connection.

  • Process automation

Most job portals update their data automatically. For instance, a job vacancy website will make sure to update the candidate’s application status based on your screening decision. In addition, you can also use the applicant tracking system (ATS) which will ease your process to automatically manage the candidate’s application. For more advanced automation, you can utilize artificial intelligence (AI) technology to make the screening process more efficient. 

  • Positive experience enhancement

Most job seekers today expect a quick and easy process when submitting their applications. In addition, they also expect an immediate response to their job application submission. Luckily, the best online job portal can make all of those possible. As a result, you can increase candidates’ experience when applying to your company.

  • Low cost

The last advantage of posting a job vacancy on an online job portal is the relatively low cost. For comparison, most newspapers charge $12 per inch for a black and white ad. So, a 5×10 inch ad would cost $600. The cost of newspaper ads is also influenced by the newspaper’s reputation. The more reputable the newspaper is, the higher the cost of placing ads.

On the other hand, you can post your job vacancy for around $375 per month on the best job vacancy website. Even better, some job portals even allow you to post your job vacancy for free. So, looking at those advantages, we can conclude that posting a job vacancy on an online job portal is more advantageous than a printed ad. So, be sure to post your next job vacancy on a job vacancy website.